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Jigsaw Puzzle Animal

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Cute 3D wooden puzzles in animal shapes for kids’ education and learning motoric functions. In  set, you will find 8 different animals puzzle for your child to know and learn the names and shapes of animals.

  • Material: wood
  • Age: 13-36 months
  • Size: 10.3 * 10.5 * 0.3 cm
  • Set: Lion, Panda, Bear, Owl, Tiger, Elephant, Horse, Cow

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Education toy for child's growth and learning to spell correctly.

Wooden puzzle in the shape of animals includes the name of the animal and pieces, which the child must construct correct, to complete it.

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  • 1x SET Jigsaw Puzzle Animal (8 animals)
  • - Lion, Panda, Bear, Owl, Tiger, Elephant, Horse, Cow

Still not convinced to buy? 🙂 Read on:

Develop skill
The best intelligence and learning toy for babies is 3D puzzles.
Help you to learn
Every animal has a tag with a name on it, so the child can learn to spell the name of that animal, which he sees.
For young age
Easy to put together, even for kids under 2 year old.
Puzzle is made of wood so it cant be damaged or destroyed so easily

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Test T.

I bought it for my 2-year-old child and he loved it. We learn and spell the names of animals almost every day.

Test G.

That puzzle is very bright, smooth, and quality. I recommend them!

Test A.

It was the perfect gift for my niece. She enjoy it every single day and talk like crazy :)

Test A.

Wasn't sure about this purchase .. But it went well. Good buy. 💻🛒

Test A.

Very fast delivery, thank you!

Test A.

The product is exactly as in the picture.

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